Bubble Football Arrived Our Shop
March 12, 2015
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1.What is Bubble Football?
Bubble football/Soccer,bumper ball is a large inflatable Sphere?that allows a person inside it.you can organize Game,Sports Event and party in schools,camps,corporates and holiday park.

2.Where can Bubble Football be used?
We recommend using the Bubble Football on either grass or wooden floors such as basketball courts or Indoor sports Centers. Alternatively, you can buy a Bumper Ball Arena from us!

3.Who can use Bubble Football?
Bubble Football can be used by small kids as well as adults.The 1.5m(Dia) are perfect for kids and adult. The Bumper Balls have a padded harness on the inside of the ball which is easily adjusted to get the perfect fit, no matter what your size.

4.Is there an age limit for Bubble Football?
The minimum age is 6 years old and the maximum is 80 years old (as long as you°Øre in great health)!

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