Around 2011, the people of Norway Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden created bubble soccer. The first game is at the end of 2011, in Norway, a local man named “golden goal” show as aired an episode.
2012, published in You Tube bubble football website, swept the whole of europe. From Italy to Latvia everywhere active bubble football.
In 2014 June, the bubble football leading Asia trendy sports fashion, across Japan, China Taiwan. Bubble football contest triggered actively participate in and respond to the local people.
In 2014 July, with the Apennine Peninsula fashion lineage Italy brand Kappa the bubble China football introduction, following the You Tube after line in praise of activities will bubble microview football this interesting activities to China mass.

Bubble Soccer introduction
Bubble soccer high interest, low technical requirement. The game itself is very difficult goals, when players upper body was space ball wrapped, hands bound, condition very poor balance under the goals to be hope. On the contrary, the player loses balance bouncing on the ground roll, East West’s turning over clumsiness to add a lot of fun to the games. The football sports activities into a fun game movement, popular.
1, the material preparation: blower a, some inflatable space ball, football a.
2, site layout: flat and clean place to.
3, number: generally consists of 4 to 10 people, the number of no limit (site size effect)
4, innovative gameplay: a football tackle, both players into the inflated space ball yellow card is invalid, the collision of rational, goal is not the goal, the opponent makes sense knocked.

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