The 4 steps on how to play inflatable football on the field


An inflatable football is a unique kind of game as the players play inside a bubble suit. The game began on the football fields of Europe and has become one of the best new sport games today. The game itself is a cross between soccer and some sort of zorbing. It is a sport where the players roll down the side of a hill or sometimes a level field in a giant plastic orb.

This plastic orb that surrounds the players allows their legs to run around freely while wearing the orb as they kick the ball. Some of these orbs are labelled as battle balls as an alliteration that evokes the moods for both fun and competition. In this article we will look at how to play inflatable football.

Here are 4 steps of how to play inflatable football

Play-Bumper-Ball1. Put on the bubble suit

The game requires the players to slip on the bubble ball suit before they play. They should then head out to the field to start the game. This ball suit is safe as it hinders the players from being hurt when they fall and bounce back up. The players have to carry it and control it in the game.

2. Bump into each other

The game involves bumping into each other as you chase the ball. This in turn makes the other person to fall in depending on the impact. This is a safe and great strategy in the game as it is much fun kicking your opponent down.

3. Being on the look out

As your face is inside the bubble suit you have to always on the lookout. The suit is clear and not colored; hence you are able to see your opponents who are striving to get the ball.

4. Keep running

The aim of the game is to kick the ball toward the goal. The team with the highest number of goals is usually the winner. This is not as easy as it sounds as your opponents are always bumping on to you to ensure you lose the ball and not score.


The inflatable ball game is a fun way to enjoy football and is common in most sporting events. This includes corporate events for team building and special events such as football themed events and birthdays.

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