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2014 World Cup in Brazil there are more than a month would start to play, the fans stay up late to watch the game are doing a good preparation, right? If you want to play too too dry addiction, but because of the pulling less than or do not know how the “feet” of friends, may wish to try the “crazy Bubble Ball” it! In the body set with a big play, football, five more than five in a manner race and see first kicked the ball, or to hit someone else’s ball fly out, let himself into a meat ball bounce it?

Buy Cheap Bubble Football soccer on sale

Buy Cheap Bubble Football soccer on sale

Bubble Ball Crazy English (Bubble Football or called Bubble Soccer), is a fusion of football and fun space ball movement that originated in Denmark, and swept the continent in just two years.
2011, two Norwegians came up with this idea, they were out of fun, let football player wearing a transparent spherical space suit the game, I did not expect immediately after the television broadcast was uploaded to youtube and cause fad. At present, Taiwan has been the introduction of World-Share, so that people can experience.
Due to the circular space flight suit is made ??of plastic material, equivalent to the same contestants wear after wear safety airbags, do not worry even if Zhuangfei injured. Because wearing a space suit clumsy action, and therefore need to be more sensitive to dodge and shoot skills competition process may take more effort than usual and endurance, but also the way to improve heart and lung function.
Although “Crazy Bubble Ball” just as human flesh version of bumper cars, the force is large enough you may be hit by flying out, or roll over the court, it is interesting. But organizers reminded the players can only venue collision, absolutely not because the crowd is too hi to people outside the collision.

September 18, 2014

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2014 World Cup in Brazil there are more than a month would start to play, the fans stay up late to watch the game are doing […]
September 16, 2014

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September 14, 2014

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The bubble football Game was held in BITSAL PLAZA on Sep 7th.The presentation of the trophy of “Japan Football Association bubble inaugural tournament” has been presented […]