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It has been noted that nowadays people strive really hard to find some way of enjoying themselves and treating themselves to ultimate fun. They seem to involve themselves in extreme sports, full of adrenaline rushing activities and can sometimes be dangerous. However, one of the best sporting activities that is quickly gaining popularity is the bubble soccer ball or bubble football as some people may refer to it, especially in Europe. To put it into a clearer perspective, bubble soccer ball is a brand new and popular sporting activity that has taken the term enjoyment to a whole new level. It is incredibly perfect for weekends, holidays, parties, thrills and any other event with both friends and family.

About Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer revolves around playing football while the players are wrapped with an enormous 1.6 meter diameter zorb balls. The players are wrapped with the zorb balls from their heads down to the waist with only the legs free to move. Just like in a normal soccer game, bubble soccer is played with the main objective of outscoring the opponents. With the bubble soccer balls wrapped on the players, there is a high probability of players colliding with one another every now and then in trying to play football; thus bringing hilarious moments full of fun and lots of laughter. The whole idea behind this fun-filled game is to ensure that players and spectators alike, enjoy the hilarious moments that having a bubble football wrapped around you brings to the whole crowd.

Playing Bubble Football

As a sporting activity that is rapidly gaining popularity, bubble football can be played in an open space, football ground, indoor sport arenas, as well as on clear grass fields. With an enormous zorb wrapped around you, you can actually run, walk, jump, roll, bounce and even flip. Your legs are free to kick the ball and allow you to take any action that you wish to take. With the enormous ball all over you, you can zorb with one another without having to worry a lot about getting injured on the upper parts of your body.

Safer than Normal Soccer

When it comes to safety issues, bubble soccer ball is completely safe and there is no slight possibility of getting injured or hurt when you hit the ground, especially on the upper parts of your body. It is probably safer than a normal soccer game, bouncier than basketball and definitely cheaper than hockey. Your safety is guaranteed as the zorb ball gives you the perfect protection to take any action such as spinning and flipping. This is a crazy and fun-filled sports that is ultimately safe with no hard rules with the main objective of scoring more goals than your opponents.

An Ideal Activity

Without any slight doubt, bubble soccer, is an ideal activity for different events such as; parties, corporate events, team building, campaigns, schools, bachelor parties, hens and stags, as well as any other social event. You can actually take part in the game or just watch as players bump into each other lose their balance and fall over while trying to show their footballing skills. Bubble soccer can be enjoyed by all ages and you will definitely laugh you heart out and have an incredible time playing this crazy sports with your friends, family and colleagues.

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