Origin of bubble soccer game.

It is well known as bubble football in many parts of the world where it is mostly played. It was invented in the year 2011 in Norway by Henrik and Golden. They invented the game just as a joke; little did they know that it will become the best and crazy game we are experiencing now.

In the year 2014, a YouTube video on bubble soccer was released from Italy. This video attracted billions of soccer fans all over the world. This made bubble soccer to explode and the world wanted more of the game. Bubble soccer was also made to be a worldwide loved and liked by many fans.

At infancy stage in the year 2014, bubble soccer was facing a lot of challenges. This was especially in North America were it was well known during this time. Bubble soccer seems to have limited equipment and low quality materials. This made the initial operators of the game to fail. Now, national association of bubble soccer has tried as much as possible to solve the issues. For this reason bubble soccer has been growing and most liked by fans all over the world.

How bubble soccer is played.

Standard soccer rules also apply in bubble soccer. The only difference is that in bubble soccer, full contact is allowed. Several rules have been put in place. The aim of all this rules is to make bubble soccer game safer for players. This will make soccer affiliates and insurers to be able to operate and underwrite the game with peace of mind.

Playing bubble soccer involves a lot of fun. This is because fewer injuries are reported and players are protected by the air filled bubbles. This game is also played by the old and the young. All the ages can play at the same time for fun and entertainment, but during competition age is considered.



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