Let’s burst the bubbles: Understanding more about Bubble Soccer

Love soccer? Yes, we all do but have heard or thought of playing it little differently. If yes, then welcome to the world of bubble soccer. It is a unique kind of game that has originated only recently but is already gaining massive attention worldwide. Different to traditional soccer game it is mostly played in halls, or indoor stadiums. Let’s understand a little more about this game and how it is played.

In this game the upper body of the participants is covered with a bubble ball. Like traditional football this game is also played between two teams, both stands opposite to each other. This games cover different scenario, like in knock the captain down, the team that is attacking has to make sure that they dive into the other group and try to knock down as many players as possible. The main goal is to knock down the captain of the opposition. The team does it first is declared winner of the game.

The tradition of bubble soccer is very new. It made its first wide appearance in the homes of people when John Anthony Radosta, appeared on ABC’s TV show Shark Tank and introduced this game to people. The bubble soccer used in this sport is aptly designed keeping in mind all the security aspects. This soccer ball is made using PVC materials which is durable and safe. It is 1.5 in diameter and its dimensions are different for junior level players.

This game is growing its foothold in American hearts and is slowly reaching to the people all across the world. The promoters of this game are enthusiastic with the response this game is getting and are sure that it will make a permanent fixture in American sports. For now, all we can say it that it is an interesting and entertaining concept that is fun to watch and play.

bubble soccer

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