Do You Need More Sports Like Bubble Football ?

Need more humor in your sports activity? Bubble Football is guaranteed to give you quite a few laughs as well as the opportunity to develop unique skills. The game is more about having a great time than actually scoring, since the latter is very hard to do.


To play Bubble Football you are incased in a large inflatable ball that goes from your waist to several inches over your head. You are left with an open area above your head to allow airflow so there is no danger of asphyxiation. You play on a regular soccer field set-up but the game usually ends when all the players are too exhausted to keep playing. Being in a bubble allows you to bounce off other players or send your opponents rolling head over their heels while you can laugh yourself silly. It is more about bouncing your friends and having a good time than actually scoring, getting the ball into the goal is like an afterthought.


Being inside the bubble does not protect you from injury save to your torso. You can still sustain an injury to your ankles or knees, or even to your face should you be pushed too far to the top of the bubble. To prevent injury try to keep your legs tucked in when you are sent rolling, or practice landing on your feet when someone capsizes you.


Bubble Football was originally meant as a joke that turned into a popular activity worldwide after one video shown on YouTube. The Norwegian inventors, Johan and Golden, had merely wanted to lighten up football and make it funnier to watch but after the first game in 2011 their invention spread like a prairie fire across the globe. Now the game is played internationally and by both genders of all ages.

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