The first time that bubble football on tv show was in 2011.It was broadcasted by a tv program named” Golden Goal”.Although the bubble football game was broadcasted as a advertisement,in the years that followed,it’s popular in Europe.They hold the bubble football game in almost everywhere.Now the bubble football is sold or hired online´╝îwhich is conventient for people to buy.


Now,we have a football game which is safe,entertaining and interesting named bubble football.Do you know what is the bubble football?I can tell you it is the most interesting, pleasant and safest edtion of football movement.The inspiration of the bubble football is part from football,one part of pilllowfight,one part of funny. By the way,bubble football is based on football.Therefore,When we know the differences between bubble football and trandtional football,you will find the bubble football is very interesting,and you will be food of it sooner later.

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