Bubble soccer is sweeping the nation and it is not hard to see why. Who would not love a game that is essentially soccer meets zorbing meets crash test derby. Bubble soccer is also known as Bubble football, Knockerball or Loopyball, as it is called in Germany. The game is played like soccer but with players that are wearing inflated balls. It was invented in Norway by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden, hosts of the Norwegian comedy sports show Golden Goal. It became popular in the UK before coming to the U.S. in 2014. It even made an appearance Liv on the TV’s Shark Tank.

Bubble soccer has become so popular that competitive leagues have formed and there are organizations across the country such as Knockerball, Bubble Soccer U.S.A., and the U.S. Bubble Soccer Association. It is popular as the company team-builder, and as icebreaker at corporate retreats. You can find the equipment for bubble soccer for sale or rent with the vast majority of games being played through rentals.

The inflated balls the players wear make bubble soccer safer but the exercise is just as real. Since the player’s hands are fixed inside the bubble it forces them to maintain balance using only their legs. The balls themselves weigh just between 25 and 30 pounds and are held by backpack-like straps hung on the shoulders. This makes just carrying the equipment a workout on its own.

Many people say that bubble soccer is more fun than regular soccer and it is certainly more fun to watch. It is a game that is played in a unique way where you will find that the defense is more enjoyable to play than offense because it is perfectly acceptable to barrel into your opponent at top speed and send them flying.

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