bubble soccer equipment

There’s a new sports craze that’s sweeping, not just the Nation…..But the World!

It’s called Bubble soccer, and it’s coming to a Park, Yard or Field, near you.


There are very few rules involved in the game. The number one rule is that you have fun, and this you will certainly do. Not only will YOU have fun. But as a spectator sport it ranks as the funniest ever to watch. Bubble soccers are available in small medium and large sizes so that this sport can be played by young or old alike, male or female, with no previous skills required.
So how is this new crazy sport played? Well basically it’s a game of soccer/soccer, where everyone wears bubble soccer suits. These are inflated bubbles, (sometimes known as zorbs) which each player pulls over their heads. Two handles and a shoulder harness are located inside the bubble, so that the player can keep it in place whilst in motion, (Or whilst rolling upside down from an attack by an opposing player). The bubble comes just below the waist line enabling you to run (or walk if you prefer).

The rules are simple. Score more goals than the opposing team, using a standard soccer ball. Fouls? There are no fouls. In fact the more opponents you Bounce’ off their feet, or get bounced off your own two feet…..The more fun you’ll have playing the game. Throw-Ins don’t exist, so no skill required there. If the ball goes out of play, just kick it back in. You probably should designate a Goalkeeper for your team, although fouls on the goalkeeper are definitely encouraged, as there Are No Fouls’.

So if you want to take part in this trending sport, and you are looking for bubble soccer for sale, then you’ll want your equipment to provide fun for years to come so do not buy from inferior suppliers.

Bubblesoccer buy provides top quality equipment at the best prices. A range of packages are available, depending on your requirements. Starting at just two Bubbles right up to 24 Bubbles, these Bubbles are the best quality you can buy. Available in a range of colors. So, for example, you could have seven blue bubbles, and seven red bubbles in order to identify teams. Alternatively, just go for the transparent model, if you prefer to provide your teams with specific opposing shirt colors.

Bubble soccers do require inflation, however free high powered blowers are provided as part of any package, to ensure that your equipment is ready for Kick Off’, on time.

All equipment is shipped to you free of charge and is covered by a full 12 month guarantee.

Although a free repair kit is also provided. It is recommended that you check your playing surface prior to the game, in order to see that the repair kit stays in its box, indefinitely.

This fun new sport is ideal for meetings such as, Bachelor/Bachlorette Parties, Fundraisers, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, and Corporate events. Bearing this in mind, the company offers you the chance to personalize your Bubble soccers, with FREE Logo Printing. Simply upload your Company/Family Logo to the web site pruior to purchase, and all of your Bubble soccer Suits will proudly carry your logo during the game.

So, if you and your family, or business, are looking to have the most fun that you’ve had in years. Then you really need to try out Bubble soccer. No skill required, not too many rules, just good clean, out and out……FUN!

April 14, 2015

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There’s a new sports craze that’s sweeping, not just the Nation…..But the World! It’s called Bubble soccer, and it’s coming to a Park, Yard or Field, […]
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