Bubble Soccer Ball for sale

Bubble Football is played on a grass field or indoor gym of usual dimensions, with a referee, and two goals. Sometimes time is kept according to regulations, or games are often shortened by design, by exhaustion, or by the inability of people convulsed with laughter to run after a ball anymore.The parks and lots of the city buzz with games of all sorts played daily and on weekends. Bubble football is a hot new outdoor game that has become really talked about. This is a perfect sport to play when you get together with friends and family for an outing on a warm day. People who play soccer all the time find it a fun variation on a game they love, pushing them to develop new strategies for passing and scoring.

Players are divided into two teams, ideally of five or six players each to play bubble football. The players wear knocker balls, transparent air-inflatable plastic orbs that cover the upper body. The legs are left free for the player to run and kick the ball. Two goals are set up on the pitch and each team attempts to kick the ball through the other team’s goal, just like soccer. The fun part is the knocker balls that allow for some hilarity on the field. The orbs take the impact of the blows and protect the player from injury. The game can be played in grass pitches, parks, football fields and even basketball lots. Orlando city has plenty of open places where bubble football can be played for a few hours.

bubble soccer

bubble soccer

bubble football came into being as a reaction to the rules in soccer which prevent physical contact between players to avoid serious injury. With knocker balls on, players can run and collide into each other as much as they want. The falls look really thrilling and spectators can enjoy the action as much as the players themselves. The sport was first shown on a Norwegian television show before being brought to the United States by a late night comedy show. Since then, the game has exploded in popularity in America. Some clubs and leagues have also started up in different cities, where serious and talented


players go head to head in various parks and basketball lots.
The game is designed to be friendly for both men and women to play. The game can be played by both male and female players who are able to wear the knocker balls comfortably. The game becomes even more fun with plenty of friends and family cheering on the players from the sidelines.

You can easily start playing bubble football with your friends and family. If you want to take up the sport on a regular basis, you can purchase the knockerballs for your games. If you just want to have a game for a party or a get together, you can opt to rent the knocker balls for a game. A referee is also on hand to explain the rules of the game to the player and help inflate the knocker balls and prepare the popup goals. The equipment is usually rented for a specific period of time.

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