Bubble Football Soccer

I do not understand football, just past a World Cup race since I have seen only two, or even worry about the future, if the baby likes Tam ball games, not Tam favorite basketball but football, he will So join Donald, a small instrument of “dwarf association.”
I think all the world are uninterested in football until the encounter “Bubble Soccer” (Bubble Soccer), I know I was wrong. Bubble football has long been prevalent in foreign countries, play football with roughly the same, differing only players who more than a big blow Bubble, try to imagine an inflatable beach waves become such a big man, a Li Li in the body, leaving only your feet stay in double fragrant bubble outside, looked like two giant bamboo grain antagonistic with transparent balls.
After a Working Holiday in Australia, Hong Kong people over the bubble football demo in Australia, I feel very enjoyable, put bubble football brought back. We “surprisingly good” team have personally demo, under a play, addiction has been on! Rang loud mouth Shihai venue early to say how the venue is so small, not half basketball courts, point enough to kick it? Ball testified that played four minutes each half, totaling eight minutes, what? Zidane off the field turn two body half under Soviet bite bite Juarez have to spend eight minutes it! Unexpectedly, Li bubbles on 8 kg weight after running 2 minutes Energy has a red light, but found that subtlety is not Tibo Bubble football, but the butt! We all wear big bubble, afraid of injuries, four touch to hoist the other side into a roll to play a few backflips, thrilled! The other just hard getting up, laughing gas had not yet come back, you have to touch him, he rolled down, good fun! Completely without skills! I think this is what I think the bubble football fun place.

September 30, 2014


I do not understand football, just past a World Cup race since I have seen only two, or even worry about the future, if the baby […]
September 29, 2014

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