bubble ball soccer

Bubble soccer is a unique kind of contact sport that is fast becoming a popular thing to do. To most ordinary people, the idea of playing soccer whilst you are in a bubble is silly but enthusiasts say it’s the best sporting idea anyone has ever come up with. To the uninitiated, Bubble soccer is a kind of soccer played by teams in full soccer uniforms, playing the traditional soccer formation but they are all encased in individual plastic bubbles that keep their upper bodies including the head and the hands encased within the bubble. It is a contact sport with tons of impact amongst players but the impact is painless. All it does is destabilize your opponent so you can maneuver the soccer ball around them with your feet.

Why is it popular?

Bubble soccer might have started as a joke but there are teams forming all over the globe who play actual league games making it more than just a lark but something to be taken seriously. The one thing that has made bubble soccer so popular is that it takes away the rules on body slams and contact that you find in conventional soccer. Bubble soccer players are expected to intentionally ram against their bubbled encased opponents. 

Finding a bubble ball for yourself or team

The sport has grown in stature and has its own association, the National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS), which manages the “sport” and reviews the way it is played. There are over 30 leagues located across the United States alone. 

Besides the football clothing and shoes, the single most important equipment is the bubble itself. If you are looking for bubble soccer for sale deals, the Internet can help you find reputable merchants who will provide you with quality bubble balls. Most people find Bubble soccer for sale in stores that stock what is known as Zorb balls. However, if you go to a site that specializes in bubble soccer for sale, then you can be sure that they offer products that are made with the right kind of material, will accommodate different sizes and probably offer logo printing services. 

How much does it cost? 

You can expect to pay $230 – $380 for a standard bubble ball. Prices will increase with the number of balls you order. If you are in a league, the best thing to do is to buy bubbles in bulk packages that will have 12- 48-bubble ball package offers with prices ranging between $2,500 for the 12 balls and $9,000 for 48, this means you can save between $200 and $2000 dollars.

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