Buy Bubble Football from us

Bubble Football has become a popular sport, whether you want to play in a league, or just as a team building exercise. Buy bubble football from us and you can quickly and easily start your bubble football team or bubble football hire business.

What is Bubble Football?

Bubble Football is a thrilling new sport with rules very similar to traditional football. What makes it exciting and so popular, is that the players are running around encased in giant bubbles. These balls act like an air force-field around you and protect you from your knees to your head. This means players can be tackled or fall as much as possible without getting hurt.

Bubble football combines the skill of soccer with the exhilaration of bumper cars, which is why bubble football has become a popular game for birthday parties, corporate team-building, and even bachelor or bachelorette parties. Certain countries have even started bubble football team leagues.

Originally started in Norway, Bubble football spread to England, then the US and now there are people playing bubble football in all parts of the globe.

Best Quality Bubble Football

Because the bubbles take a lot of punishment, it is important to buy bubble balls that are of excellent quality. Too often we hear of a business or team whose bubble were of poor quality and start to leak or break down. This won’t be a problem if you buy bubble football from us. We only use the best quality materials so that your bubbles will stay inflated and in excellent condition.

There are different sizes of bubbles for adults and children. Make sure that when you buy bubble football from us you choose the correct size for the type of person who will be using the bubbles.

Just one game of Bubble Football is a game you will never forget!

Buy bubble football from us and join customers from all over the world, who have successfully ordered from us. We support you in your bubble football dreams and will always be available to offer advice and tips on getting the most out of the exciting bubble football sport.

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