The only kind of equipment that you would need to play bubble football is a suit and a soccer field.  While most people that are into the sport go out and buy one.  You can actually go to places and rent them at their sport complexes or there are places online to buy and rent them.  If you go to Bubble Ball, they can help you find a league in your area, buy from them or rent them for a party or event.  If you are looking to purchase them for a league or team then you should go to Bubble Soccer because they have great deals on team bubble suits.

Now that you know where to buy your equipment, whom can you play with?  The Bubble Soccer website can tell you.  You can find a league in your area or you can start one if one isn’t there.  This site also has some other places that you can look to purchase equipment for the sport. If you are looking to have you own set up at home, many sites have inflatable sports fields for football, soccer or just for fun.  This are kind of expensive, usually running around eight hundred dollars depending on what you get.

Out of all of the places that I visited to find bubble football equipment, the best site I found was .  This site sells the bumper balls for football but they also have other products to go with them.  They have inflatable pools for the enclosed bubbles and all different kinds of other bubbles of the water.  If you go to Bubble Soccer USA, you will be able to find a supplier in your area if you can find any with the other suggestions.  With the popularity of this sport, you will probably be able to find bubble football equipment everywhere soon.

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