A wacky and exciting version of the all time favorite game soccer has emerged: Bubble Soccer! Here are the top 5 points for choosing bubble soccer.

1. It’s more about fun than the skill: People are more concerned with having a great time than anything else while playing this.

2. It really gets that laughter going: It’s quite amusing to watch people rolling around with their legs up in the air struggling to stay steady.

3. It’s really safe: There isn’t much room for injuries or accidents. It’s just a harmless sport meant for recreation

4. It’s a great idea for parties and day outings: If you’re bored of all the things you usually do at a party, this could be a great new addition which would keep everybody high on enthusiasm.

5. Play it if you’re up for a challenge: This is actually much tougher than playing traditional soccer! People are not timid, they will knock you down. Also, it’s a great workout because of how much more effort you’ll have to put in to your movements.


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